MS Goter


The history of the diatonic accordion goes back to 1821/22. History says that it was invented by Franz Buschmann from Vienna.157 goter 08 2010 (Copy)
The passing-on of the knowledge of playing the diatonic accordion was always something special. It was passed on from generation to generation, from one musician to another, from father to son, etc. The advantage had the people with a good developed musical ear, who were able to learn how to play the accordion by themselves.

In the past the accordions were hard to get, because they were very expensive. Today it is much easier, because there is a great number of good producers and quite a few good teachers.
I have been teaching the accordion for 13 years and during that time I gained quite a few musical and pedagogical experiences. In the lessons no notations are used. The students repeat a certain piece or exercise over and over again, until they remember it with the help of their musical ear.1. How much time is needed to gain a basic knowledge of playing the diatonic accordion?
For the basic knowledge at least 2 years are needed.2. How often the lessons take place?
Once a week for one hour (60 minutes).

3. What do students need?
Diatonic accordion, music talent, school requisites (exercise book, tape, etc.)  and a lot of love to this instrument.